Causeway Corporate Credit Fund

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Open-ended; monthly applications; initial 18-month lock up applies to redemption.

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Private Debt
Corporate Credit

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Targeting 9-10% p.a. with a focus on capital preservation and quarterly distributions.

The Causeway Corporate Credit Fund (CCF) is a private unit trust, offered as an unregistered managed investment scheme. The Corporate Credit Fund will obtain the majority of its investment exposure by investing into P Class units in the Causeway Private Debt Income Master Fund (‘Master Fund’) managed by Causeway. The Master Fund will provide loans to the small-to-medium sized enterprise (SME) and middle market corporate lending sector in Australia. As sole or lead lender, the Master Fund will seek to obtain exposure primarily to a diversified portfolio of senior secured loans to growing companies with diversified collateral pools and cash flow support, typically from two to five-year maturity, and subordinated or unsecured loans up to 15% of the total portfolio. The Master Fund commenced lending activities in December 2021.

The Corporate Credit Fund (CCF) is designed to provide investors with access to a diversified portfolio of corporate loans actively managed by a highly experienced team. The investment will provide a fixed quarterly income of 2% and a low risk of capital loss. The strategy will have relatively low correlation to public markets and lower volatility than that experienced from listed shares. ​

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Causeway Corporate Credit Fund Information Memorandum

Causeway Corporate Credit Fund Flyer

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This fund is open-ended with monthly intake subject to the following dates:

Intent to Invest form due COB 17th of the month (or next business day). Forms received after this date will go into the next month's intake.

Monies due COB 25th of the month (or previous business day).


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