KM Property Funds - Epping Healthcare

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Investment start date

November 2023
5 year term with 1 x 2yr extension

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Asset Class

Property Equity

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Targeting 13% IRR p.a.

Partners Private was pleased to present the KM Property Funds - Epping Healthcare investment opportunity.

KM Property Funds (“KMPF”) was seeking AUD$50 million of equity for the acquisition of the Epping Private Hospital and Medical Centre (to be rebranded as Epping Day Hospital and Medical Centre). The fund seeks to maximise value through income opportunities and the property’s capital growth potential, which would include both managing existing tenants and increasing income streams. The investment is anticipated to deliver a stable annual average distribution yield of c.6.7% and an IRR of 13% p.a. over a 5-year term with possibility of a 2 year extension.