Korea Infrastructure Partners Fund

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Investment start date

October 2023
4 year term with 2 x 1yr extensions

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Asset Class

Waste recycling & renewable energy

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Targeting 20%+ p.a. IRR over 4-6 years

Invest Unlisted is the manager of Korea Infrastructure Partners (KIP), which has identified Korean infrastructure opportunities for the purchase, development and expansion of food waste, industrial waste and onshore wind generation.

In recent years the Korean government has begun enforcing higher standards of waste recycling and renewable energy generation, however there is a shortage of infrastructure able to facilitate these activities. KIP has been formed to address this opportunity and builds on the prior experience of ex-Hastings Infrastructure executives Jonathan van Rooyen and Sean Kim who were both involved with building the Hasting's Korean Infrastructure team.

The raise will be used for acquisition of a large operating industrial waste recycling asset operating under permitted capacity with additional plant expansion options. The fund invests into a Korean entity that invests directly into Korean assets. It will have a focus on capital gain by exploiting uplift in operating assets by a minimum 2.5x and permit assets by around 5x. The total return target for the fund is 20%+ p.a. over 4-6 years.